Apartment Africa is situated on the same floor as Apartment Penthose, in the loft of the villa to be precise. African elements in interior design make this apartment an ideal place for relaxation and rest...

30.00 €


Apartment Red is two bed accommodation with fully equiped kitchen and bathroom with shower cabin. Apartment has couches when opened have size of the king bed. Because of that even four persons can stay in this apartment. In kitchen ther is stove, refridgerator, set of dishes and microwave oven.

25.00 €


This big, triple bed apartment is situated on the secong floor of the villa, has three beds, from whitc one is king size bed and other two are single ones.

30.00 €


This apartment is situated on the third floor, far away from noise, in a warm and pleasent ambient. It has air-condition and famous green kitchen. It is above the Apartment Red so it has the same room placement and configuration.

25.00 €

Check out why Taurus Apartments Belgrade

Why the “Taurus” apartments?

The first reason is a price. The price of apartment is 30 euros for three persons. You won’t find such a luxurious apartment with that price anywhere in the town.


Parking. In Belgrade parking in zone is 90rsd, which means that you should pay 20-25 euros per day, and your car still won’t be protected from stealing. We offer you free parking place with video-peeking of your car.


Did you know that 99% of apartments in Belgrade are illegal? Think about this: would you like that someone in your building has a hostel, because the law sais that it must have reception for 12 hours a day and secured parking for guests, and that’s why it often happens that inspection comes to apartments and punish guests and the host. This is how work permission looks like and it is prooved by Turist inspection of Belgrade.


You could arrive in the downcity for less than 20 minutes from our apartments, with slow drive and it is not important if you go through Banovo Brdo, any of two motorways or across new Ada’s bridge.


We have been in buissines for five years and we guarantee apsolute discretion and secure. There are 80% of our old guests.


Licensing of tourist Commerce City Belgrade
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